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Connection System

Field-proven subsea tie-in infrastructure

Subsea connection system about to be lowered subsea.

EAB Engineering has participated and contributed in developing well-known tie-in systems for the subsea industry since the 1990s, covering pipe connection sizes ranging from 3 to 30 inches.

All this experience is built into our latest-generation connection system, which is a field-tested design showing proven success.

The tool spread includes

  • cleaning and inspection tool
  • seal replacement tool
  • stroking tool
  • tool basket.

How our connection system improves subsea operations

  • Single-bolt clamp connectors with a long track record
  • Vertical and horizontal applications
  • High alignment capacity, handling both positive and negative pitch in combination with yaw angles
  • Standard handles 5° misalignment in all directions; 15° misalignment application also available
  • No heavy or advanced tooling required; no hydraulics left behind
  • All tools carried and operated by ROV
  • Complete tie-In sequence performed by ROV-carried tools performed after the flowline or jumper is landed, with no assistant by crane
  • Same hub intervention tools used on inboard and outboard hubs
  • Clamp connector can be fixed to the inboard or outboard structure, according to need and preference
  • Clamp connector is removable and installable subsea
  • Facilitation of full insulation of the clamp connector area and the pipe sections running through the Inboard and outboard structures
  • Nominal sizes from 6- to 30-in spools
  • Easy operation and confirmation of sufficient alignment and successful connection

For decades, EAB Engineering has been developing subsea tie-in systems in a range of sizes to help our customers meet their offshore objectives.