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Subsea Tooling

Comprehensive suite of subsea hardware and technology

Subsea Tooling

EAB Engineering is experienced in subsea tooling and collaborates with the most common and well-known companies in the industry. We design and develop tooling for a range of purposes and have achieved a reputation for delivering excellence to customers. This site provides information on our most common deliverables, but we welcome you to challenge us with any needs you may have.

  • Hub intervention tools, inspection, cleaning, and seal replacement
  • Flowline lifting tool
  • Flowline and umbilical installation yokes
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty subsea drum winches
  • Linear winches
  • Soft landing cylinders
  • Temporary installation tools
  • Actuator replacement tool
  • Subsea sampling from wellstream of water and gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons
  • Subsea HPU skids

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