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Subsea production and distribution manifolds

Subsea manifold being lifted into the air.

Production manifolds collect production from satellite wells in a cluster for feeding into an export pipeline. The spool connection system could be diver-assisted flanging, our diverless connection system, or any system you prefer. The production manifold typically hosts umbilical termination and signal, power, hydraulic, and monoethylene glycol (MEG) distribution to the wells, control pod, or hydraulic or electrical distribution to the actuated branch valves.

To improve production from brownfields, the manifold can also host a OneSubsea booster pump.

We also deliver umbilical termination heads (UTHs) to directly connect the umbilical to the manifold main frame. The connection system is the same as used for the flowlines.

Distribution manifolds are installed in the infrastructure for commingling production from and distribution of MEG, signals, and power to different connected fields.