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Subsea Pig Launcher and Receiver (Pigging Stations)

Temporary and permanent PLRs

Subsea pig launcher at EAB Engineering's facility.

EAB Engineering supplies subsea pig launchers and receivers (PLRs) for various purposes.

Temporary PLRs are used during pipeline installation in connection with pressure testing, cleaning, buckling control, and flushing. The PLRs can be used as pullheads. Temporary ROV clamps for fixing the PLR to the end hub of the pipeline are available.

The PLR is equipped with the necessary number of branches with ROV-operable valves depending on how many pigs you plan to use. ROV hot stab is used for flushing and for the supply of the pig drive medium. Both hot-stab and valves are accessible from two sides of the barrel.

Permanent pig launcher and receiver.
Permanent PLR.

Permanent PLRs are used during commissioning and periodic pigging operations for water removal, cleaning, flushing, pressure testing, and internal inspection with intelligent pigs. The PLR is usually equipped with the connection system used for the field and connected to a manifold or special pigging station. The number of branches depends on project requirements. The drive medium could be from the vessel or gas or oil production flow.