Flowline lifting tool

Flowline lifting tool.

EAB Engineering's flowline lifting tool (FLT) is used for launching and picking up flowlines, risers, and umbilicals. The FLT has almost become an industry standard.

It can be attached to one or both ends of a pipeline or flexible line to be installed under tension. The FLT is rigged with a two-leg spread to a delta plate, which also gives access to the hub and room for temporary caps, pig traps, or other equipment attached to the hub.

The FLT is released from the termination head by simple ROV operations. It can also be used to pick up pipelines or flexibles from the seabed. The FLT has hydraulic operation of the yaw function by ROV hot stab.

EAB Engineering has delivered FLTs for most of the available termination heads on the market. Tension capacities are available in a standard range of 75–400 metric tons.