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HPU Skid

Supply hydraulic fluid for subsea function performance

HPU skid

The HPU skid is mounted under a work-class ROV and is intended to supply hydraulic fluid (a water/glycol mixture) under controlled pressure and flow for operating a series of functions through a hot-stab interface.

The skid receives hydraulic power from the ROV through the remote control unit (RCU). The hydraulic power from the ROV is transferred into water hydraulic power as output from the HPU skid. The skid is equipped with its own reservoir to contain the water-based hydraulic fluid. It also comprises a pump, filter, valves, and hot stab.

The HPU skid connects to the ROV by a set of four probes. The supply includes a set of short probes and a set of longer probes.

The skid accommodates parking of the ROV and tether management system (TMS) on its structure (approximately 9.5 metric tons distributed equally over 4 offdocking probes). To appear near buoyant in water, the HPU skid is equipped with buoyancy elements.